Hire an Expert for Concrete Work

Hire an Expert for Concrete Work

Trust us to pour the foundation for your home additions in Jessup, MD

When expanding your home, you want to make sure you have skilled, qualified contractors on the job. Flatwork Unlimited Inc can help out with all kinds of home additions. While we focus on masonry and hardscaping services, we can do all kinds of general contracting by subbing out electrical, plumbing and HVAC services.

We're ready to build your new:

  • Garage
  • Living room
  • Kitchen or outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor deck or patio

Call now to learn more about constructing home additions in Jessup, MD.

Get more use out of your garage with new concrete flooring

Is your garage flooring beginning to crack and fall apart? Refresh it with our concrete flooring services. We can restore old concrete floors and install new ones. No matter what kind of concrete slabs or supports you need, we can take care of everything.

Contact us today to go over the concrete flooring work we do throughout Jessup, MD.